Greetings Race Fans!!

Back home to the ranch, as always it’s nice to be home and sleep in one’s own bed – even if it is for just one night! That dog team that zoomed me down Front Street in Nome was just too hard to put on the shelf. We are on our way to Dawson City, Yukon Territory for the Percy de Wolfe Sled Dog Race. Check it out here.

The trailer has three – nine dog teams in it, and it looks like Ellen King may join Dave and I for the big race! Ellen is home on Spring Break and as always, game for just about anything! We’re looking forward to a wonderful weekend. The race begins at 10am on Thursday. Carrie is coming as Strategic Analyst and moral support, not to mention bookkeeper – a woman with many hats.

Stay tuned for an exciting conclusion to the Husky Homestead Racing Blog next week!