Well, we made it home, but won’t be here for long. Already this morning I am packing my bag to depart to Anchorage to begin the All Alaska Sweepstakes adventure. Weather looks perfect on the Seward Peninsula – lows of -10, highs of +10 – perfect weather for a sled dog race. It’s springtime in Alaska! Lots of sunshine too!


The trail crew, Jason & Chris, are already in Nome. Lead strategist, Kurt Hellweg is due in Anchorage this afternoon. We will meet for a think tank tonight and join the trail crew in Nome tomorrow. The plan is that the four of us will cover the entire 400 mile trail Saturday and Sunday by snow machine, for an on-site inspection of the race trail. Dogs are continuing to be tucked in the dog barn here in Denali at 10,500 feet. They are being exercised daily to stretch out and loosen up for the upcoming event. Jennifer and Dave will deliver the 14 dogs to Anchorage on Monday morning where they will be split into two groups on Alaska Airlines for the 1.5 hour flight to Nome. Wow. Lots of logistics…

I took part of the team out to our training camp yesterday for an 80 mile run in an effort to make sure I bring the right dogs for the Sweepstakes. One change in the line-up did occur as a result, and I feel confident that we have picked a super team.

What a hoot this morning! We brought Call & Deets in for the blog photo ~ as the trophies really belong to them. When Call came into the kitchen, approached the living room, looked up and saw the ceiling fan spinning – he acted like a small bush plane was about to crash into the living room. From there he sprinted back across the kitchen and launched towards what to him appeared to be an opening to the out-of-doors. Alas, Call learned a thing about triple-pane picture windows. Lucky for me, the window didn’t break. Not that lucky for Call – who now has a goose egg on his forehead… Yes, the dogs really do like it better outside – this is not a joke.

Carrie and Donna will be blogging whatever available information there is for the Sweepstakes. I will be back in early April. Anyone interested in dog sales – there will be a bunch on the blog…sled dogs, retirees, puppies. This is the time of year we sell the majority of what dogs will be sold on any given year. Really got some good ones!

Stay tuned – happy trails!