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Iditarod – Race Day 9 – On the Coast!

It's Monday Race Fans, and we're somehow already on Race Day 9! When we left you yesterday, Jeff was on his way to Kaltag.  He arrived at 13:06, stayed for 5 hr 46 minutes and then hit the trail to Unalakleet - heading for the Bering Sea coast!  We followed his...

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Iditarod – Race Day 8 – Eagle Island to Kaltag

What's the word on the Yukon?  Wet.  Teams had a wintry mix of rain and snow back in Anvik, and the wet snow has continued along with lots of overflow on the trail.  An update from Sebastian Schnuelle via his Iditarod Blog "The Armchair Musher" last evening said that...

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Iditarod – Race Day 7: 8 hour complete!

Just before we called it a night last night, Jeff and the team had arrived in Anvik at 21:40.  Not knowing for sure where he would take his 8 hour mandatory along the Yukon River, we see that he completed his 8 hour rest there, and departed at 6:35 this morning.  He...

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