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Iditrod – Race Day 6: on to Shageluk!

Jeff and the team arrived into the checkpoint of Iditarod at 01:01 this morning after posting a nice run time from Ophir of about 10 hr 30 min (after subtracting his rest time on the trail of 4 hr 45 min).  Jeff's posting some fast run times, that's for sure!  The...

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Iditarod – Race Day 5: On the Trail Again..

Jeff and the team spent 25 hours in Takotna on their 24-hour mandatory rest.  We were up this am hoping to see them depart, but alas... no luck.  Communication in remote Alaska can be affected by many things and the Iditarod live stream was 'stuck' for us.  So...

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Iditarod – Race Day 4: Takotna

Waking this morning brought news that Jeff and all 14 dogs are resting in Takotna!  Overnight they ran through McGrath, stopping for only two minutes before heading back out and arriving in Takotna at 06:01.  For those that were awake that early (here in Alaska, that...

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