Well, I hadn’t expected Jeff and the team to be so far down the trail when I checked this morning. It looks like they must have had a good run into Koyuk. The temperatures don’t appear to have improved much but I am guessing that the wind has died down. I am not sure that the Tracker is a blessing or a curse at this point. Whenever the readings are off, my heart rate increases, millions of scenarios pass through my mind and time goes so slowly. Then it adjusts itself and with it comes a big sigh of relief until the next 15 minutes are up…. Torturous at times!

I spoke with Jeff a couple of times yesterday and that last call around dinner time, he sounded relaxed, rested and happy. He said that he was having fun with some of the folks at the checkpoint and he was laughing. Plans have been made for the Nome program. I will be headed to Seattle as planned late Thursday night and Dave Decaro will fly into Nome on Thursday night. He will have the truck and trailer waiting in Anchorage for the dogs’ return trip home. Ellen flies in to Fairbanks on Saturday night for a two week break so she will be waiting for Jeff at home.

There is still plenty of trail left to get to Nome and I am sure a few more excitements along the way. I will miss seeing all of my friends in Nome, especially Mary Knodel who has been our host for many years, watching our children grow up and becoming part of our family. When Ellen was small, at any time of the year she would say, “Can we go to Nome? I miss Mary.” Thanks to our dogs and the Iditarod, our family has enjoyed so many friends and adventures through life. We are fortunate to be able to have it be such a big part of our lives.

We wait and see what tomorrow will bring!