I spoke with Jeff in White Mountain a couple of hours after he arrived. He sounded tired but very good. He was very happy with the dogs’ performance. Kilarney and Ross lead him most of today and were fabulous. I am so surprised by Ross. He was also the leader that finally was able to lead the team back to Shaktoolik from the shelter cabin, through white-out, very high wind conditions. Dublin has also been a wonderful surprise as a leader on this trip. The dogs have been eating really well, especially on the trail. Jeff said that he has been pretty tired, talking to his dreams and even falling off his sled like the Laugh In fellow on his tricycle! Hans even got to see that happen and got a good laugh. Jeff was warming up some Thai Curry Chicken and was able to watch several of the teams hit the trail to Nome. He thought most of them looked really good. He was disappointed that it is still cold and windy and that it hasn’t improved as much as was predicted. His hands still bother him a bit and have some blistering from the frost but he said that they are not debilitating at this point.

Then he was off for a nap.

He should be into Nome around noon-ish tomorrow, if all goes well. Dave will be there to greet them on Front Street and our friends, Rod and Barbara, are patiently waiting there in Nome as well. Nome is reported to be quieter than usual this year; fewer teams in the race and folks not spending as much travel money are a couple of reasons, I’m sure. Larry and Amy, our friends and host family will take good care of Jeff and Dave can take care of the dogs, so all’s well.

Sigh. It is always nice when I know that they are almost off the trail.