Yeah! Jeff should be arriving in to Safety as I write this. He completed his mandatory 8 hours at While Mountain just after 2:00 am and is making great time into Nome. Safety is 22 miles from the finish line on Front Street. Dave and Rod were hoping to drive out the road to watch Jeff and the team coming in. It is nice to have the daylight for that. So, It appears as thought Jeff has secured a 12th place finish. Not too shabby! His first Iditarod in 1981, he placed 28th. His next attempt in 1991 he placed 12th, then 6th in 1992 and 1st in 1993. His lowest finish since then has been one other 12th place spot. Other than that, he has successfully finished in the top 5 for all but one or two other. That is an outstanding record for 20 years.

I don’t leave for the airport until this afternoon so I will be able to talk with Jeff when he finishes. I will try to be sure to post one more time before I depart!