Jeff and the team arrived under the burled arch just minutes after 11:00 this morning. I was able to watch the Nome web cam and see them cross the finish line. I called Rod on his cell phone and he held it up so that I could hear at least part of Jeff’s interview. He was complimentary and congratulatory about the other teams and thrilled with his own dogs. Kilarney and Dublin lead the team in with their sister, Shannon,in swing. He even talked about racing in Canada next weekend. He said that the dogs are still interested in covering some more trail : )

Dave reported that the team ate well and looked great as they rested in the Nome dog lot inside the dog boxes that Jeff had shipped up. Hopefully they will be on their way home tomorrow!

Jeff was eating lunch with the Cabela’s Crew, enjoying yet another latte from Mary’s espresso machine (no doubt!) and looking forward to a well-earned nap. He will have a bit of doctoring to do on his hands so the next few quiet days in Nome will be a great time to heal up.

Another successful race for the Goose Lake Kennel team! Thanks to all of you for your support and cheers!!