Jeff and the team arrived into the checkpoint of Iditarod at 01:01 this morning after posting a nice run time from Ophir of about 10 hr 30 min (after subtracting his rest time on the trail of 4 hr 45 min).  Jeff’s posting some fast run times, that’s for sure!  The live video feed in Iditarod had moved on by the time he arrived, so we didn’t get to see the team come in.  In fact, we haven’t seen video of the team since the very beginning of the race!  As much as we’d love to, we can only presume that they’re doing well – the run times are fast and he is still running with all 14!

In Iditarod, the team rested for 9 hours, which had us wondering if something was up.  Alex even commented “Dude, wake up!  You’re burning daylight!”  It was only at that time did the standings update and we saw that Jeff had recently departed at 10:03.  Jeff had been fighting a cold before he left for the race, so we’re hoping it didn’t hit him full on.

As things are right now, the team is heading across some terrain that’s desolate, and hilly.  The Iditarod has some very in depth trail descriptions on their website if you’re interested.  Click here to see the entire list.  You could spend the afternoon reading all of the information available on both the overview of the trail and the detailed description!

2019 Southern Route

Temperatures are warm here in Denali today, and they’re warm on the trail, too.  The forecast for Shageluk and on to Anvik and Grayling is a high of ~35°F, and snow… which does not make for the optimal mushing weather.  Things could get wet and soggy, and slow.  As we know all too well, only time will tell!

More later, Race Fans!