Jeff and the team had a nice long rest in Koyuk overnight – 12 hours to be exact!  Must be nice – lol!  We’re so happy that Jeff’s enjoying himself on this trip, but he did decide to get back to “work” and departed Koyuk for Elim at 07:00 on the dot.  And we can’t really give him too much flak because he just clocked the fastest run time to Elim at 6 hours 8 minutes!  Go, Boss!

He did just recently depart Elim and is now making the 28 mile run to the checkpoint of Golovin.  From there… it’s only another 18 miles to White Mountain where Jeff will take a mandatory 8 hour rest before making the final run to the finish in Nome!

Speaking of Nome…  handler Cody has been in Nome since Monday, and sent us a few photos!

The Nome Dog Lot

The Finish Line and Burled Arch










Cody in the Nome National Forest!

Iditarod Race Headquarters in Nome, aka “the Mini”








A big congratulations to Joar Liefseth Ulsom on his 1st place finish in this years’ race!  Way to go!
We’d also like to congratulate all of those that have since crossed the finish line – job well done!

Dropped Dog Bailey:  Word has it that Bailey may be arriving in Anchorage this evening from Unalakleet.  We are awaiting the call and will keep you posted on his return to the Homestead.

Enjoy following Jeff on the tracker this evening… the days of doing that are waning!  And don’t forget that more mushers are continuing to arrive in Nome!

Stay tuned, Race Fans!