Here’s the rest….

This year’s team was a fantastic mixture of youthful exuberance as well as mature wisdom. The oldest dogs in the team were Dickens and Bronte, both running in their fourth Iditarod. These sisters were counted on for their focus and speed that is the result of many years on the trail. As hoped, our young male, Deets, in his first Iditarod, did a fantastic job and lead well over half of the race. His quick thinking and steady pace made him a valuable dog in the front of the team. Berkeley and Kilarney, both wild with the desire for speed, needed to be pulled back into the team due to the risk of over-revving the rest. Near the end of the race, both Kilarney and Berkeley’s early enthusiasm caused their energy to fade. However valuable in the team, both these young girls were unable to set the pace needed to catch Lance. UConn held his weigh super, was very steady and did a fantastic job. Dublin was a work-a-hollic and steady to the very end. Call lived up to his goof-ball reputation and pulled hard when he deemed it necessary and not at all when he thought it was not. The five dogs owned by Jon and Bree Little (Adidas, Lobben, Braeburn, Solomon, and Guiness) were fabulous and were a great asset to the team. Solomon in particular seemed unfazed by the entire operation and sat overly alert and energetic at the dog lot in Nome. Many thanks goes out to Jon and Bree for allowing them to be a part of our team.

As I travelled over the Topkok hills, it dawned on my that this very same team was in an excellent position to be prepared for the All Alaska Sweepstakes race here in Nome at the end of this month. It is hard to believe that I could be excited about a 400 mile race while still recovering from the sleep deprivation that the recent Iditarod has caused, but we can rest in the grave. At this time next month the snow will be melted. Make hay while the sun shines. Race while the snow in on the ground.

Thank you all who have cheered us on in this most exciting 2008 Iditarod race. We look forward to bringing you more details in the following weeks.