Ellen and her team of seven rolled into Kotzebue at 05:42 this morning, with a great 3rd place finish!!!  Woo – hooo!

Now it’s time to catch up on some sleep!  Jeff will fly out with the dogs Monday morning, and Ellen will stay for the finisher’s banquet on Monday evening.  She’ll make her way back to Denali on Tuesday.

Congratulations also goes to Nic Petit on his 1st place finish with a great looking team, to veteran Tony Browning on his 2nd place finish, and of course we’re still keeping an eye on the rest of the teams as they head back to Kotzebue.

A few pics from the the finish!

Ellen arriving at the finish! (Photo courtesy of Kobuk 440)

Ellen posing with her leaders, Zig & Carl. (Photo courtesy Kobuk 440)

Ellen with Lightning and Cyclone. (Photo courtesy of Kobuk 440)