Ellen and team departed the checkpoint of Selawik at 12:38 after staying for a three hour rest, and is closing in on the next checkpoint of Ambler.  This stretch was an 85 mile run, and it looks like Ellen may arrive into Ambler in 4th place – but Chuck Schaeffer is hot on her tail!  We anticipate Ellen and team resting here for a while.

There are 20 hours of rest that are required during this race.  Rest may be taken at any of the checkpoints and mushers my use their discretion in how they would like to divvy it up.  If the race marshall deems the rest time has not been met, missing rest time will be quadrupled and will be added to the total finish time.

Kobuk 440 race map. (Photo courtesy “The Minute After – Blogspot)

Jeff, Kenmore and Ellen at the race start

The race route for the Kobuk begins in Kotzebue, heads to Noorvik, down to Selawik, up to Ambler, and from there heads to Shungnak and Kobuk before doubling back on itself for a second stop at Shungnak and Ambler, then begins a northern route over to Kiana, back through Noorvik for a second stop and then back to Kotzebue for the finish. A giant loop with a bit of a tail.  That tail adds 74 miles to the loop.

Nic Petit led the teams into Ambler arriving first, followed by Tony Browning and Clara Kneringer who is running a 2nd team from Jessie Holmes’ “Can’t Stop Kennels”.

This is so fun to watch Ellen with this A-team of all-star dogs!  Stay tuned as we continue to follow her!