Ellen has been a busy woman overnight!  She completed the loop to Kobuk and back, and arrived back in Ambler in 2nd place (!) at 10:23pm last night.  She stayed in Ambler for 5 hours and 8 minutes and left in the wee hours of the morning after dropping one dog (we don’t know who she left behind yet), and is currently heading towards Kiana.  As we look at the tracker right now, she and Tony Browning are pretty much running neck and neck, but when you bring mandatory rest into the picture Tony will have a lead Ellen as they head towards the finish in Kotzebue.  Ellen needs 5 hours 22 minutes of rest to complete her mandatory rest requirement, and Tony only needs 4 hours and 46 minutes.  Nic Petit has a solid lock on first and is currently resting in Kiana.

Weather in Kiana is currently showing 16°F, and sunny.

Check out this video from Harley Nelson if you’re interested in seeing some drone footage from the start of this years’ race!

This is so exciting to watch Ellen and team!   Go Ellen, go!  🙂