Ellen had a nice little rest in Ambler, staying 5 hours 32 minutes – and she left will a full string of 12!  She departed Ambler this afternoon at 14:32 and has already completed the 26 mile run to Shungnak where she was in and out after 2 minutes.  She is currently cruising over to Kobuk, leading Clara Kneringer by a narrow margin of less than a mile according to the tracker.

Mushers time is recorded in and out of Kobuk, but they are not required to stop in Shungnak on the second pass, and any rest taken on the second pass will not be counted towards your 20 hours of rest time. Ellen has accumulated 9 hours and 2 minutes towards her mandatory 20 hour rest.

We’ll continue to follow her as she makes this loop to Kobuk and back, and will get you another update as she makes her way back to Ambler for that second pass!  Go Ellen!!

Here’s a few pics for you from Ellen’s arrival into Ambler:

Always smiling!