We’re off…locked and loaded…Shake n’ Bake!! The team has been selected and can be viewed on our updated “The Dogs” page on our website. Click here to check them out!
With close examination I realize it is the most experienced team that I have ever started the Iditarod with – including only one dog that has not previously finished the Iditarod. Whew!

Just got back yesterday from our last round-trip (180+ miles) out the Denali Highway, and the dogs are now just stretching out an hour a day until the weekend.

We have decided to use a “Gee Pole Sled” for the Ceremonial Start. We were out practicing today as it’s been a while since I’ve strapped on the skis. You can get a feel for it on our latest upload to YouTube called “”. Check it out here.

“Giggles” (alias Carrie) will be riding the brake down 4th Avenue. Guaranteed fun to be had by all… except maybe our Iditarider if she dumps the sled again like she did in the YouTube video. All I ask is that she lets up off the brake before she runs me over.

If you’re not an “Iditarod Insider“, you’re gonna wanna sign up. If you enjoy reading my blog, you will more than get your money’s worth on the “Insider”, as well as the very cool “GPS Tracker” option. We watched the Jr. Iditarod mushers via the computer as their GPS locators showed their location, speed, and outside temperature. All from the comfort of your home. Very cool.

It seems I have developed a reputation concerning the unveiling of some goofy innovative idea for my team. I have been asked by many of you – “What is it this year?” There is something on board my sled that is a little different, but I will refrain from sharing it with you at this time. It is something fairly unique (to put it mildly) in the world of dog mushing, and will only be implemented if certain conditions arise during the race. (No Tessa, it does not involve slurried plutonium…. [wink wink].)

My stellar crew, led by returning work-horses Dave and Jason, as well as newbie David Cran-berry have done an incredible job in helping me prepare an incredible team. I absolutely could not have done it without them. Thanks guys!

Also, a big thank you to all of those that have been sending good luck wishes!

Now, it’s time to Shake n’ Bake!!