We told you a while back (please don’t check the date for exactly how long ago that was!! ) that we would dedicate a blog to some of our retired dogs. Why not start close to home???

Person: Nicole Torre

Jody fall 2008

Jodi has spent the last couple of years in pampered bliss as she resides with me and JJ in our quaint little cabin on the hill in Fairbanks. Content to lay on the couch or her bed all day long, she must sometimes be forced outside to “do her business” Easygoing as ever, she is still the ultimate “mother”, she puts up with the antics of our new puppy with the utmost patience. Though her poor shoulders and elbows still give her a great deal of trouble and we have to be careful not to let her do anything too strenuous, she still loves our daily walks through the woods and looks quite sharp in her bright red coat, which she prefers when the temperatures plunge below 10 degrees(I’m not sure how she ever survived multiple Iditarods!) Still an eager eater as always, we do have to keep her on a diet, or else I think she might eat herself into oblivian, though it is always hard to resist those deep brown pitiful cow eyes and forlorn “Jodi” expression, that we all know, when she is begging for table scraps. She did have a scare with a cancerous tumor on her foot last year, though they were able to remove it and we’ve seen no signs of it returning since. All in all, she is the most wonderful, happy, well behaved dog that anyone could ask for. She is an absolute joy to us and we do love her dearly and feel quite privileged to be able to care for such a wonderfully important and famous dog.

Nicole is currently spending her fourth summer here with us at Husky Homestead. If one of the retirees in the lot is missing… check Nicole’s cabin! She’s known for spreading love – and maybe an extra biscuit or two…

Keep an eye out for more ‘retired’ dog blogs!!

Happy Trails!!