The first thing that I did this morning was turn on the computer and check for a race update… and no GPS. Last night I had noticed that the trackers were not updating on a regular basis – in fact the ‘Race Updates’ page had Jeff into 40 mile before his GPS did. I spoke with a few of the race organizers (who are a super friendly bunch of gals!) this morning at the re-start of the skijouring race and they were hopeful that the GPS units may be back up and running – but we are not crossing our fingers. Either way, it was fun while it lasted!

I am definitely not as intuitive as Donna when it comes to all of the racing insight – but we’ll see what I can come up with… (plus, it’s filling the void as I listen to the news of Mount Redoubt exploding again.)

From the race updates, Jeff was 2nd into Eagle. There was a mandatory 6 hour layover there, as well as a make-up of the two minute intervals from the start. I expect Jeff to be into 40 mile shortly – if he is not already there. He had a 12 hour run time from Dawson to Eagle, so if all goes well I’ll head up to the finish around 4:30pm and await his arrival.

From the looks of the in-times at Eagle, it seems that Ellen and Dave did travel pretty close to each other. Dave has been quite predictable in races this length and true to his word on his estimated run times. Doing the math, I would expect him between 6:30 – 7:00 pm. Just what he planned! Hopefully all goes well on the trail for both he and Ellen. I’d expect Ellen shortly after Dave.

What will be great for the finish is that it will still be light out! The days are getting so much longer up here – and I’ll definitely be able to snap some pictures of all three at the finish.

I’ll do my best to keep you posted!

Cheers from Dawson,