Meet Our Dogs


Blanca is just a young pup, experiencing her first winter! She and her siblings are learning a lot from their momma, Zig. Blanca is enthusiastic and vocal-she's always letting us know she wants to RUN! Most recently, she tried the lead position and did well. We're excited to see her transition into a yearling and watch her continue to excel!


Butch is just a young pup and already the biggest of the three. He is an excellent eater and is always excited to see the food bucket come through the door. This blondie is already taking on the physical characteristic of his father Kenmore, who is EXTREMELY handsome. Lucky pup! He and his siblings are great off leash and have excellent recall. Can't wait to watch them grow up!


Carl is strikingly handsome. He has stolen the hearts of hundreds of guests at Husky Homestead. He loves being the center of attention and affection, but his demands are cute and subtle. He draws you in with his floppy ears and bright blue eyes he got from his momma, Zig. As a 2 year old, he is a super star in training. In fact, he is turning into a very solid leader and enjoys running up front with his brother, Swenson. He ran his first Iditarod as a yearling in 2017 and is roaring into the 2018 race season!


Clipper is from the “Watercraft” litter. This long-legged beauty is a hard working and reliable team dog. Clipper is about as sweet as they come and happily runs with any other dog in the yard.


(9 y/o)- is the most seasoned race veteran on the 2013 team. From the “Lonesome Dove” litter he is a superb leader, reads difficult and potentially dangerous terrain well and responds to voice commands without hesitation. When he is not leading the team towards Nome, Deets enjoys the comforts of his doggy bed in Jeff’s cabin.


Etta is going to go up to be a sweet heart just like her momma Skeeter! She has two brothers so she is feirce and strong as she has to establish her spot around the food dish. She and her brothers rarely go a day without a long walk. These siblings are great off leash and have excellent recall. Can't wait to watch them grow up!


Guilder is brother to “International Currency” littermate Kroner. One of the higher energy dogs in the yard when it comes time to hook up a team for a training run. Once on the trail, Guilder maintains a trot that is effortless and graceful.


Hombre is a big boy already. This giant has a lot of energy and has yet to learn how to focus it on any one thing with the exception of RUNNING. Which is typical for a male this age! He loves it when his go-to guy, Cody, brings out the harnesses and prepares for a run. On the towline he turns into a beast and will pull non-stop on his run. It is clear that this young stud will be an excellent team mate and a key component in deep snow. He loves to go, go, go!


If there’s a dog sweeter than Clipper in the yard it is Kroner. Kroner comes from the “International Currency” litter. This long legged, smooth gaited and easy going guy is comfortable running anywhere in the team. His calm and confident energy makes him a great partner to one of his less experienced teammates.


Talk about a good looking guy! Lobo has a beautiful chestnut coat and floppy ears. He is a maniac on the tow line. Both he and his brother, Hombre, are developing into the brawn of the team. An incredible eater and a hard worker, we have no doubts when he comes of age, he'll be an asset to the team!


Luna is quickly turning into her mother Zig. Her movements already mimic those of her mother as she moves down the trail. Cody quickly picked her out to try in lead, and she hasn't looked back since! She is the smallest of the litter, but has the spunk to be a dog 3 times her size. This grey eyed lady is already learning to fall into an easy trot and leads the team by gliding down the trail.