Alright! Packed, locked and loaded. Dave & I are headed to Bethel this morning, and it’s going to be a tough act to follow after Jennifer’s stellar performance after last weeks Cantwell Classic. Jennifer executed a textbook performance with her team of 18 month old troopers, led by 9 year old Houston (brother to Salem). Congratulations Jennifer! It is with great pride that we share one of your many fan letters on our blog:


Our Jennifer’s Number was twenty-eight
She made all the checkpoints, was never late.
She kept a nice tempo, a good steady pace.
Though she didn’t win, she was always in the race.

Her twelve dogs were eager to go on their way
They were strong and enduring, could travel all day.
Out past Big Su, to Maclaren they went,
For the dogs a bed of straw, for Jennifer a tent.

Overnight they stayed, before resuming the race,
They ran back to Cantwell at a really good pace.
They’re in the top ten, the finish was six,
Though they didn’t win it all, they were in the mix.

They showed good heart, and stamina too,
Those ahead at the finish were mighty few.
Thirty-two mushers began with teams so eager,
Two hundred miles later, the energy was meager.

Jennifer stayed the course, as the Kings could foretell,
She ran a nice race, she finished quite well.
Now its on to Bethel for Jeff and Dave,
To run the Kuskowim 300, as cold weather they brave.

(Poem used with permission of Mr. Art Vest of Colorado – THANKS!)

We’re also excited to share with our loyal readers Demi gave birth to three Yuksi pups while comfortably snoozing in Jennifer’s cabin. She and the pups look to be doing great. Please note that many past Goose Lake Champions have been the result of this union. These ones are gonna be really good!

Weather in Bethel is currently snowing and blowing. My first challenge will be getting there without delay due to flight restrictions as a result of near zero visibility. Man, Hawaii is sounding really good right now….

On the contrary, Dave and I are very excited about the dogs that we prepared for the event. However Dave has allowed me to take the fastest of the 28 dogs. But in reality during our training runs, there was often little difference in traveling speed. Dickens and Berkeley will get the nod to lead my team, and Houston and Phoebe will be helping Iditarod Champion Bernard lead team #2. The K-300 website does an outstanding job and I encourage you to follow the race online if you can’t make it there in person. Check it out at

When I return from the K-300 next week, I am headed to Dubuque, Iowa for the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium Icefest. With any luck this will be the first place we will see the printed version of our book “Cold Hands, Warm Heart”. Timing is tight, but the publisher has assured me that they will do their best.

A special “hi” to George, Tin & Texas in Portland. I miss you guys.