Sweepstakes Race

Well hey there race fans! While we’re all sitting at our computers hitting the “refresh” button and waiting for updates on the Sweepstakes Race ~ I thought I’d share some fun stuff with you and try to answer some of the questions that have been coming in.

Many of you have asked where the dogs are that used to be on our dog page. Well, if you take a look at the picture above ~ you’ll see three of our favorites: Texas, Tin & George. They are happily residing in Northern California and living it up with a friend of ours there. Jeff has kidded her and said that there appears to be an empty spot in there… The rest, well they are still here!

And moving on:
-Jeff does not watch American Idol ~ we do not have TV where we live. (Although he is a fan of The West Wing – we have that on DVD!)

-While Berkeley and Bronte spent a lot of time running in lead during the Iditarod, many dogs in the team are capable of running in different positions, and do.

-Jeff started the Iditarod with 16 dogs, and finished with 14.
He will start the All Alaska Sweepstakes Race with 13:

The motto around here... along with that one, there is also the "$5 fee for whining"

The motto around here… along with that one, there is also the “$5 fee for whining”

-Jeff has been frostbitten – but getting frostbitten during a winter in Alaska is like getting sunburned in Arizona.

-Mushing is definitely a family sport for the King’s:
Jeff met his wife Donna while she was working as a volunteer ranger for the National Park Service. They were both running teams in Denali National Park when their teams became entangled – short story is that they’ve been entangled ever since. 🙂

All three of the King daughters are seasoned mushers as well. Cali, Tessa and Ellen are all veterans of the Junior Iditarod ~ and Cali even ran the Iditarod as a senior in high school! Tessa is also a veteran of the Junior Yukon Quest, and even though Ellen keeps herself very busy with dance – she’s still a musher at heart.

Jeff doesn't have a favorite dog - or so he says... I secretly think that he's very fond of Liza - one of the house dogs. :)

Jeff doesn’t have a favorite dog – or so he says… I secretly think that he’s very fond of Liza – one of the house dogs. 🙂

Alright ~ hopefully that’s enough to keep you checking back for more… I do see that they have updated the Sweepstakes website with a few pictures and some information from the first few checkpoints. Check them out at www.allalaskasweepstakes.org.

So until next time…watch out for that yellow snow!