We have been waiting to start our fall blog until winter arrived. Well guess what? She’s a blowin’ and a stormin’ right now! And it sure looks like winter to me.

Virgil, Jason, Dave & Carrie are back at their posts and together with their fearless leader we’re like a fine-tuned team of Navy Seals. Two of those Navy Seals (who have 19 toes between them) are out on the Denali Highway today with the awesome puppy team that Dave will be driving to Nome. Jason and I have been out on the highway with the race dogs on several occasions – exercising them in front of the truck, or the fancy little track rig that Aaron Burmeister loaned us – and have managed to train several 95 mile runs. We had a wonderful anniversary dinner with Alan & Susie at the Maclaren River Lodge – steak and crab legs!

Big kennel news is the Denali Doubles Race! Lots of entries locked in and several more on the way. That is happening the weekend after the Yukon Quest start, and just before Iditarod food drops. Then on to the Fur Rondy where I have the privilege of running some of the fastest sprint dogs in the world thanks to Buddy & Terry Streeper.

I have two really good dogs for sale. Trained up and ready to rock-n-roll.


Ross (Jodi x Yuksi) has been a finisher in my team for quite a while. Last years Iditarod, Kusko, Percy – I don’t know that I’ve ever dropped him. Turning 4 years old. Fast & smooth and very comfortable in lead.


Colonel (Spaniel x Salem) is a three year old knuckle-head. A body sculpted of soapstone – he is hard as a rock. Carries the most fat on his bones out of any dog in the yard. Fairly light coat, but hard working and really picking up leadership skills (the other day I yelled “Gee” too soon and he crashed out into the brush headed to God knows where). About 60 lbs and neutered this dog is all muscle.

$2500/each or $5000 for both. (Nope, that wasn’t a mistake – they’re worth every penny.)

Questions about these two can no longer be directed to Carrie at info@huskyhomestead.com as they are actually staying with us for a while! [Yay! (This from Carrie)]